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Photoshop Clipping Path Service Provider

Clipping path is a technique used by photo editors to change the background of an image, delete or change shadow position or hide unwanted image elements. Usually a Photoshop Pen Tool may be used to create a closed Vector Mask. It is a hard-edge vector masking technique that targets and separates several parts of an image such as background or fore ground. This technique can also be used to transform images into any shape, making the masked portion transparent or changing the background to any color. Clipping paths can be created in any graphics programs then exported with an image as an embedded path or alpha channel or they can be drawn directly in some page layout applications.


Clipping images can be easily used in catalogs, flyers, brochure, magazines, posters, e-commerce websites and all other fields where usage of images are frequent. As a result clipping path service has become very popular to photographers, publishing houses, graphics design services, web developers etc. In the photo industry, the use of a compound path is also common that results from the combination of multiple paths for different product, or different color within a single image. It is usually used for color correction and background drop out purposes.


Features of our Clipping Path Service:



# Our Clipping Path is totally handmade to ensure highest picture quality.

# All images are set to “Active”.

# Clipping path is made well inside the object, ideally 2 pixels inside.

# No messy or unnecessary anchor points.

# The object always looks natural retaining its natural curves.

# Can be made on any color or back ground, including transparent background

# Can also be composed in combination with a layer mask if the original format allows it.

How We Work:

To ensure quality clipping path service, we draw all paths manually using only Photoshop pen tool. We always deliver the highest possible picture quality without losing the original object features or curves and can edit the images to fit on a suitable background, including white or transparent background. We have been delivering quality images to all our clients worldwide for printing, online stores or websites who wish to display professional looking images without the cost of a professional photographer and with the most cost effective image editors.


 clipping path service










Why choose Cobwebs Design for clipping path service?

Cobwebs Design provides high quality & low cost image editing and processing services essential for any online store, promotional product catalogs or any kind of media that display professional images. Our Clipping Path Services allow you to use this Photoshop features to cut from any image pieces and edit it to look professional by changing or adding background, eliminating shadows, or placing other parts of image together. Suppose you are running an apparel production house and you have an e-commerce website for selling garments products. In your website you have a catalog page displaying apparel products. Suppose you took the pictures of the dresses in a photo shoot studio but in the catalog you just want to show the dresses not the background. In order to make the images look professional, you need to cut out the dresses and place them on a white background so that the pictures stand out and look professional. It may be difficult to correctly implement this process. Some of the process needs professional and experienced touch. The shadow and color balance also plays important role. Our professional experts specialize in these services and can handle any complexity that these images may have.


For any of your photo editing task just send us a request along with your pictures and we will give you a quote within an hour. You may even get a free sample of our work before you bind into any contract with us. We do confidently say that we are simply the expert professional clipping path service providers and we can provide this in cheap rate for any online store that needs photo editing,cutout with white background, photo retouching or any pre-press processing of your image.


How you contact us :


For getting cheap & quality clipping path service please send us a request   CONTACT US

Or  E-mail us directly,we will back to you asap.


Upload or Download Option : If you have big size image you can email us with a request for  FTP server access,we will make an FTP account for you.


You can send also your files through some file sharing sites like wetransfer.com, dropbox,  sendspace.com etc.

Bulk Image Processing

Do you need large volume of image editing? Do you need them edited at very competitive price rate? Hope you are in the right place what you are looking for. A great design team with 100+ designers and round the clock 3-shifts operation capacity,Cobwebs Design is able to process your thousand of images within 24 hours a day, no matter how large volume images you have. Let's start with Cobwebs as a reliable image processing partner.

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Request a quote

Want to receive a free quote within short time,we are open 24/7-365 days for you.Send us your queries with a sample and get a reply within very short time.
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“Perfect job and very fast delivery, thank you very much. I will certainly use more services here & highly recommendedCobwebs Design”- Date of posting: 08 August 2010 Posted by: Michael David , Art Director, The Netherlands

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